Commentary: REITS vs rentals: what’s the best way to invest in real estate

Original Article 

This guy is comparing giraffes to sprouts in his analysis.  REITs have historically outperformed SFR since 2010 (SINCE 2010!).

What happened in 2010?  Hmmmmm…  Economy tanked and the PE groups made a play for SFR in 2010 thru present.  What were the REITs up to 2010?  Multi-family, strip centers and warehouses.  SFR, at an institutional level, did NOT exist?  How do you compare REITs to SFR “historically” to 2010 when there were no SFR groups of any size to present numbers 2010 and earlier.

Where are his numbers 2010 – 2018 on the REITS vs the new SFR REITs and public companies holding SFR?