Joseph W Pagano Jr

Joseph PaganoJoe Pagano Jr was born and raised in St Louis, Missouri. Upon graduating high school, Joe joined the United States Navy where he served four years on multiple Aircraft Carriers. Joe served in the first Persian Gulf War Desert Shield and Desert Storm where he was awarded multiple achievement awards. Joe left the Navy to pursue his college education and was honorably discharged in 1991.

Joe graduated from University of Missouri in 1997 with a degree in business administration with marketing and finance emphasis. While in school Joe owned and operated small businesses which he later sold upon graduation. Joe was introduced to real estate investing through a career selling residential and investment property mortgages. While this served as his early education in real estate (1994 – 2003), Joe co-founded several real estate investment and construction development businesses while operating a successful mortgage origination business and team. Joe found his passion in real estate investing and property redevelopment, and left the residential mortgage industry to further his real estate development and investing efforts full time in 2004.

From 2004 – 2010, Joe founded multiple real estate investment enterprises, construction strategies, and real estate investment partnerships. Ranging from commercial real estate, multi story property redevelopments, single and multi-family residential property developments and operations, vertical merchant construction, general contracting, custom home building, and community land developments to name several. Joe established himself as a unique boutique custom home builder and versed real estate investor from St Louis MSA to Lake of the Ozarks, MO during this time.

From 2010 to present, Joe serves as the founder and CEO of Affinity Building Solutions and affiliated Affinity Real Estate Investment Companies. Joe turned his enterprises and decades of real estate experience to building a cutting edge full service real estate investment platform in St Louis, Missouri. By the end of 2012, and like others in the buy to sell real estate business, the downturn within its local real estate and broader economy created hardship and opportunity in real estate investing. Joe repositioned its business assets and strategies to assist his community stabilizing deteriorated homes and neighborhoods while investing for private equity and family office investors looking for single family rental homes.

In late 2012 Joe teamed up with his first institutional investment round from Building Land Technologies out of Stamford Connecticut. His core operations were to include analyze, buy, rehab, lease and operate single family rental homes. From 2013-2016 Joe’s companies deployed in excess of 175MM to over 1900 single family homes for its institutional and private equity partners. 700 homes belonged to BLT Homes and was Joe’s first experience servicing an Institutional Investment partner. By the 3rd quarter of 2015, BLT exited the market, selling their St Louis portfolio to Cerberus/First Key Homes earning significant double digit returns to its investors. Joe continued his local St Louis management services for First Key Homes through the 3rd quarter of 2016. While winding up the BLT sale, Joe assisted Ovation Partners out of Austin, Texas, to develop a significant single family real estate rental portfolio. By the end of 2016, Joe’s companies built Ovation’s rental portfolio over 925 single family homes in 3 states, and 6 cities throughout the Midwest, and put a new team and structure in place to grow through the Midwest region of United States.

In late 2016 to present, Joe serves as co-founding partner and President of US REVI and affiliated US REVI companies. US REVI is a vertically integrated service and real estate investment platform for Institutional and private equity investors, deploying large volumes of capital responsibly. US REVI is built on processes and technology, aggregating SFR rentals throughout the Midwest. Joe co-founded US REVI with fellow institutional SFR originator/operator and investor, Merrill Kaliser, out of Dallas, Texas. To date, US REVI has helped build/operate, and round trip for its investors, over 1300 single family homes, selling over 1000 homes by the end of 2017. This one portfolio represented one of the top 20 largest institutional single-family rental portfolios built in the country in 2017. Today, US REVI is servicing and operating single family rental homes for multiple institutional and private equity groups.

Over the past 20+ years, Joe’s experiences lend from residential and commercial real estate investment finance, building and managing large real estate investment portfolios, vertically constructing single and multi-family residential homes and communities, managing hundreds of historical single and multi-family redevelopment projects, redeveloping multi story condo conversion residential projects, and leading teams in successful residential land development projects. Through his leadership, teams, process and technology, Joe continues to build arguably one of the most successful single family residential rental real estate investment platforms in the country.